Capture and analyze change effects

Whether you’re moving to hosted sessions or VMs, or making a change to your remoting environment, the end user experience is the measure of success.

Through captured video, REX Analytics shows you the user experience. And through integration with native Windows performance APIs, REX also records the performance metrics from the server associated with that user experience, so you can see how server stress affects performance.

REX helps you see what your users see, so you know if the hosted environment is working well for the end user (or not).


REX Workflow

The REX framework focuses on two phases in a performance bench marking workflow: running automated tests and collecting data, and analyzing and visualizing results.

  • BUILD test runs that simulate users doing reakistic work.
  • TRACK and record the test runs from start to stop.
  • ANALYZE the results by combining the on screen video of the primary user session with the telemetry from the host server.