How It Works

Follow three simple steps.


Build your test environment to mimic your live environment. Then select automated workloads that simulate remote desktop users doing realistic work.


Orchestrate automated tests, both before and after you make a change to your environment; record the screen of a primary user and collect telemetry from a host server.


Combine screen recordings with telemetry data for playback and analysis.

Conduct test runs before and after a proposed change to your environment so you can see the effects of the change.

Each test sequence runs a REX Workload – a synthetic user interacting with applications that use different APIs.

During each test run, REX TC collects server-side telemetry data. A frame grabber facilitates recording the primary user’s screen.

Easily add background users “doing work”  based on industry standard user types (REX Personas).

Connect to, witness and control secondary user sessions with REX Connector.

Use REX Analyzer to compare the before and after results in a visual way so you can clearly see the relationship between the server telemetry and the user experience.