You don’t like technology surprises. Neither do your users.

Experience a change in your remoting environment before your users have to.

In remoting environments, the end-user experience is the measure of success.

Crash testing proposed changes to your virtualization environment is vital and now easier than ever.


The REX Analytics Framework combines server-side telemetry data with video capture of the end-user’s screen so you know what your users experience and why it’s happening.

No other benchmarking or monitoring product can record the whole test sequence end-to-end from both telemetry and visual standpoints.


Perform testing in days, not  months.


It’s not rocket science to conduct tests or interpret results.


Repeat test runs knowing that you are running the exact same test every time.


Use our automated workloads, or bring your own. Combine workloads to create unique runbooks.

Results are easy to consume for both techies and decision makers.

Cloud Agostic

Use the REX Analytics Framework in Azure, AWS, or any other cloud environment.

Protocol Agostic

Use the REX Analytics Framework to test RDP, PCoIP, ICA, and more.

Platform Agnostic

Use our framework  on all platforms including VMWare, Nutanix, Hyper-V and Parallels.